About SPIA


Our family greets you with the warm spirit of Aloha as we bring to you South Pacific Island Art (SPIA). An art that has become extinct throughout the Polynesian Islands. South Pacific Island Art is a family owned company that was founded in 2004 by Sailosi and Iuni Tuaimeiuta and their children.

The Master Carver, Sailosi Tuaimeiuta, was born on the island of Tonga. He learned the art of hand carving as well as the legends and traditions taught under the loving care of his Grandfather. Extensive travels throughout the Polynesian Islands led Sailosi to the Ancient Traditional Carvers who taught him the carvings and symbols of the Polynesian Tribes.

His passion for hand carving inspired him to share his Heritage through this dying art. He came to the United States and met his wife Iuni. With their family, they established South Pacific Island Art. They Traveled throughout the Nation educating the public, and through it the excitement of this new awareness of such a rare and unique art was positive and appreciative.

It is our mission to preserve our dying Art, Heritage, Traditions, Legends and Beliefs that has been passed down for many generations throughout the Polynesian Islands. South Pacific Island Art will continue along with your support to preserve this lost art for generations to come.

The Carvers’ hands preserve an ancient art, which allows histories, beliefs and legends to unfold.