Maui’s Fire Sticks


Sm 1.5″ x .2″
Med 2″x  .2″
Lg 2.5″ x .2″
XL 3″ x .2″
2X 4″ x .2″

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Symbolizes the light within each of us.

Maui grew up in a home that was always warm with fire. As Maui became older, he realized no one else had this luxury. One day, he asked his father why they did not share this fire with the other people around them? Maui’s father replied that this was only for their family and he had no desire to do such a thing.

That evening, Maui followed his father to the top of the volcano, where his father put a stick into the opening of the mountain and took the fire to his family. Maui gathered as many stick as he could and lit them as he had seen his father do. Then he threw the fire to as many islands and homes as he could reach.

This legend reminds us to be generous and share with others all that we have. The fire stick represents the light within all of us.

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