Pua Seashell


Med 1.5″ x 1.5″

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Symbolizes Royalty and respect.

In the olden days before fabrics and perfume was brought to the Polynesian Islands. Beautiful flowers and leaves was picked daily by the women and weaved into leis, skirts and headresses, to cover their bodies. It was also worn to enhance their beauty and natural perfume.

It was weaved into various designs of all colors, and worn in respect of their naked bodies and to show love and respect for others. A flower lei was also presented as a gift of royalty, love and respect.

The Pua flowers is the most popular and royal flower throughout Polynesia. It’s fragrance and variety of beautiful colors is constant reminder of our past.

The presentation of a lei has been a tradition kept for many generations. The polynesians will always greet you with the warm spirit of Aloha along with the gift of a beautiful lei.

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